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Bellini is located in Marbella, Puerto Banus, in La Dama de Noche. Opened by two Sevillians, Manual and Olga. We care about every meal and every moment and we like to use local, natural and sustainable foods.  Bellini combines outstanding seasonal products with the best fish and meat of Spanish origin. This is very important for us!  Every day Olga supervises Bellini´s kitchen with a meticulous eye, preparing the restaurants  dishes with vigor. 

This home cooking and enviable situation, 5 minutes from Puerto Banus makes Bellini the gastronomic reference point of the area.

Why Bellini? We love New York city and the last time we were there, we tried the famous Bellini cocktail, is a mixture of Prosecco sparkling wine and peach purée or nectar. We liked it so much, so we decide to name our restaurant "Bellini". 

Bellini gastro bar marbella

Bellini Gastro Bar


We like to create our menus based on fresh seasonal products, vegetables, meat and fish. Our daily menu are made with the best quality and seasonal products. Outdoor dining is a must. What could be better than sitting in the sun while enjoying spectacular views and food? 



Bellini Gastro Bar Marbella stocks a nice selection of Beluga caviar.  We strive to offer a suitable variety for any occasion. Need a unique caviar for a special occasion? No problem, you can order here and get a 10% discount, and if you order is up to 150€ the shipping is free. 


Our terrace

Bellini Gastro Bar & Terrace located in La Dama de Noche, has indoor and outdoor dining areas and offers the chance to observe the wonderful views of  the Concha Mountain and a beautiful garden and fountains. Lovely views, gorgeous food and first-class service. 


Almadrabás Tuna

One of our speciality is the Almadrabás red wild Tuna. The word "almadraba" comes from Arabic and means the place to strike or fight. It is a fishing art used by the Phoenicians along the coasts of Cádiz and then later by the Romans. The almadraba is a perfect example of sustainable fishing, only the tuna are caught, and only the biggest of them are kept, the others are returned to the ocean. The catch depends on climatological factors, there is no waste, and no over-fishing. 

We manage to offer our Almadraba Wild Red Tuna all year long keeping all its characteristics as freshly caught.

Our almadraba red wild tuna Gadira" (Thunnus Thynnus) proceed from Barbate, Cadiz. You will love it! 

Nuestro producto estrella es el atún rojo salvaje de almadraba con certificado de calidad de Gadira. Lo servimos en tataki, tartar, solomillo y ventresca. Te encantara!. Nuestro atún rojo salvaje es de "Gadira" (Thunnus Thynnus) procede de las almadrabas del litoral de Barbate, el arte de pesca selectivo, fijo, sostenible y respetuoso con el medio ambiente. Su captura depende de factores climatológicos como las mareas, los vientos y la limpieza y transparencias de las aguas, llevándose a cabo en los meses de abril y mayo aprovechando el proceso de migración de estos hacia el Mediterráneo, y coincidiendo en que ofrecen su punto óptimo de calidad para el consumo. El arte de pesca se mantiene prácticamente igual desde hace más de 3000 años.


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Black Caviar in Marbella

Beluga caviar consist of the roe (or eggs) of the beluga sturgeon Huso huso. It is found primarily in the Caspian Sea, the world’s largest salt-water lake, which is bordered by Iran and Russia. Beluga caviar is one of the most famous and expensive delicacies type of caviar. This carviar has a classic rich nutty flavor with every jar […]

Almadrabás red wild Tuna

The word “almadraba” comes from Arabic and means the place to strike or fight. It is a fishing art used by the Phoenicians along the coasts of Cádiz and then later by the Romans. The almadraba is a perfect example of sustainable fishing, only the tuna are caught, and only the biggest of them are […]

Madrid Fusion 2017

From January 25 to 27th, Madrid is ramping up to become the world capital of gastronomy for three days. It is the 14th annual Madrid Fusion-International Gastronomic event. What is the purpuse? Bringing together a stellar line-up of internationally renowned chefs and new talent.

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Amazing breakfast and amazing price. I love it because I can bring with me my dog any time?

Bianka Bagoli

I spent two weeks in Marbella and Bellini’s was our favorite place to enjoy a nightcap and/or a delicious meal. The owner, Manuel, his family and Luis, were very friendly, attentive and helpful in answering our many questions. We enjoyed seeing soccer matches in their comfortable restaurant. Can’t wait to return and enjoy their pizza and paella.

Elvira Pimienta

Hoy toca cena de lujo en Bellini, la casa de mi amigo Manolo en la Dama de Noche, Puerto Banus, sitio de categoría. 


Joaquín Sanchez Jugador del Betis

Un ambiente extraordinario y una cocina de calidad. Volveré a ir en cuanto pueda a probar más platos.

Vanessa Muñoz

Solo una palabra para definirlo “EXQUISITEZ”

Milagros Cuesta

Solo el calor que te ofrecen sus propietarios ya llena los platos, magnífica comida de temporada y los platos mas sanos de nuestra cocina Mediterránea, lugar para no olvidar

Jose Manuel Flores

Espectacular Restaurante, cocina mediterránea y atún de almadraba de categoría, gerencia y empleados matricula de honor, no dudéis en acercaros y comprobar la exquisitez de sus platos y la zona ajardinadas que rodea la terraza

Cristian Rubio